Monday, February 4, 2008

Quick stuff

The dress from Evies Closet that everyone was wanting! It was available on fashcon day for free to only thirty people. now it's up for grabs for everyone until tuesday so hurry down and get it :)

This cute dress comes in blue pink and green for only 1L at Awesome Designs

Yeah I know my posts are always quick, but wouldn't you rather just see stuff than see me babble? :) well I have time for only a few things today so I'll make it fast, I'm hoping sometime soon to be able to devote more time to this, seeing as my group is growing and more people are visiting.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I started a fashion blog of my own....not freebies lol but maybe you'll like it so ^.^! check it out!

CC's Closet

Friday, February 1, 2008

VDay Hunts

They're starting! I went to the one at .-'`'-.,_,Urban Shopper-'`'-.,_,, they have candy charms around in each of the shops, here's some stuff I found, I'm not sure if it's okay to give away where things are hidden so I'll just let you hunt them yourself, that's the fun of it anyway right :)
I got this outfit, and jewelry....there's a lot more of course this was just my favorite.

This Ring is being given away at Beck's Fine Jewelry

It comes in either Gold or Platinum, with matching couple rings and is transferable.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fashcon Rez Day

I logged on a bit late today but Fashcon is having their rez day and all the designers have been giving away free stuff. But it's only for today only so I'd hurry! Look up Fashcon Consolidated in search.

Moving onwards, there is a tower of free dresses at DeFleur Fashions, right in the middle of the square, the one I chose to wear here of course for valentines, can you tell yet that I love the holiday?

I came across these outfits which are 0 lindens at Angelic Creations, they are pretty cute and come with matching skins and eyes. I really wanted to put CC in this blue one but alas she was nowhere to be found...

Now this absolutely stunning blue dress, I can't get over it, only 1 linden at Spirit City. The detail on it is just amazing and, well look at it, lol. It really is beautiful.

I'm finished for today, it's 10 pm and I am tired. Hope you all get your share of freebies for the day, I'm sure there's a lot of excitement going on about Fashcon, and why not :). have fun girls!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Best Freebie Skins in SL

I noticed a lack of skins here on the blog....and I know there are a lot of nice ones for free so in my very generous very bored mood. I went searching for them...just.... for.... you ^^!

This first one, is actually my very favorite, you know besides the skin I'm always wearing, if I had to pick a freebie skin to wear this would be it! It's only 1 linden at A Piece of Candy. Go get iiiiiiiiitt. You get all these skins when you visit Symphony Skins, they're free. They're called Masquerade skins, they look pretty nice, and come with some feathers. Great for a party for sure ^^. I really liked the trees outside heheh! This skin below here is 0l at Rave Nation, it comes in 4 sexy skin tones. It's called Valentine Skin, so may be good for then or whenever really!

I'll take this little corner here to tell you about where I got the skin I use for me. I found it at Dutch Touch, I don't have the link. sorry :( anyway it cost about...hmm I think it was 900 lindens? maybe more but the skins there are so beautiful. I don't think I would go anywhere else. I also happen to know that they were giving away a free skin in their group, just look up Dutch Touch under search and join Iki's Dutch Touch, I'm not sure if it's there anymore but worth a look! It was a really nice one. So if you feel like splurging on a skin, and it is the one thing I think is so worth it! Go to Dutch Touch! hold on lemme find the link...=p Yayyy!!! okay here it is Dutch Touch Mainstore.
The skin I wear, you can see it in the previous blog posts, is called Tanned Lana F. and now that I'm here at the store I see the price is exactly 950 lindens, which is not bad for the quality of the skins.
I'm done rambling! Have a great night!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't mess with CC's tire swing!

CC and I found these Valentines outfits at SH Boutique, hurry up and get em before they're gone ;). We cut the freebies short today, Someone was swinging on CC's tire swing, and she threw a big fit, I practically had to talk her out of mutilating the other person lol.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Maybe I've been so recently, or just had a lack of inspiration to search, but Freebies, and I mean good ones. Have been scarce. Here is a nice outfit I put together today. The pants and shirt are from Paja, the hair is from Frangipani for 1L. There are a lot of nice hairstyles there for 1L in tons of colors. The sandals I'm wearing, which you can barely see, came in a newbie pack for 1L at Nyte'N'Day. It comes with clothes skins shapes ect. pretty nice.
I found another Valentines dress! For only 1L at Lavish Style Not that it does me any good of course, I'll be all be spending imy sl valentines alone this year :(.

But it's cute anyway, and this skin I picked up is also pretty nice, you can find it at The Lolo Mall

The makeup on this skin is super pretty, there was another free one there, it's nice too but you'll go have to check it out yourself lol. I'm off to bed!